Tuotteet luokiteltuna: Lauda - Ensimmäinen kirjain: A
Artikkelinumero Selvennys
A000036 Adapter set 1" BSP-NPT UC 8 - UC 24
A000037 Adapter set 1 1/2" BSP-NPT UC 50 - UC 65
101100040 Aluminium dust cover, black anodised
101103949 Adhesive mat, black, 200 x 200 mm, can be cut to size
A000155 Analog RCM, 100 mV / C, Revision 2 Interface modul
A000172 Angle, Support Support angle
A000244 AMAT, DPS Wall/Cathode-Sharp Hoke Hose connection kit
HKA058 Adaptor M16x1(i) - 3/8"(a)
HKA063 Angle adapter M16x1(o) auf M16x1(i) with nut
HKA068 Adaptor M14x1.5 - M16x1
HKA073 Angle connector D 13.5
HKA144 Adaptor M16x1 (I) - G1/4" (I)
HKA149 Adapter M16x1 (O) - spherical liner RD=28
HKA150 Adapter M16x1mm(i.d.) - G 1/2"(o.d.) Inner Dia. 4.5 / Connection Solenoid Valve
HKA152 Adapter M30x1.5(a) - M16x1(i) XT hole diameter 10
HKA153 Angle connector 90° M30x1.5(a) - M30x1.5(i) XT
HKA155 Adapter M30x1.5 (O) - M16x1 (I) for Integral XT
HKA160 Adapter M30x1.5 (O) - spherical liner RD=28
HKA164 Adapter M38x1.5 (O) to M30x1.5 (I) for Integral XT
HKA165 Angle connector M38x1.5 (I) to M38x1.5 (O) for XT 1850 W(S)
HKA168 Adapter Ball lining RD = 28 - Olive 1"
HKA170 Adapter M30x1,5i - G3/4"a XT
A000240 AMAT, Hoke Shut-Off Vlv Retro-Sharp Valve
A000241 AMAT MxP/Super e Hose Retrofit Hose kit AMAT MxP/Super e Hose Retrofit Hose kit
A000242 AMAT Barb Kit Connection kit