Diaphragm Vacuum Pump N920G

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump N920G
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chemically resistant
Three stage diaphragm pump

TYPE_ N920KT.29.18G
with potentiometer for adjusting the rpm of the pump

flow rate at atmospheric pressure: 20 l/min (1.20 m³/h)
final vacuum: 2 mbar abs.
pump head: PPS
diaphragm: structired diaphragm with homogeneous PTFE surface
Valves: FFPM

further characteristics of the pump:
- carry handle
- 100% oil free delivery
- pure evacuating, transferring and compressing
- maintenance free operation
- environmental friendly in use
- space saving compact construction
- low noise level during operation

further data see data sheet E218

accessories (optional)
fine adjustment valve with vacuum gauge for setting the vacuum: 112432
small flange: 046625
chemical resistanc vacuum hose: 028187
silencer: 007006
silencer: 056366 (assembly with a hose on hte pressure side of the pump)
(-) Tekninen tieto:
Tuoteseloste: N920KT.29.18
Paine DIN 28432: 2
Minimi toimintolämpötila: 5 °C
Maksimi toimintolämpötila: 40 °C
Ottoteho: 135 W
Suojausluokka (IP): IP20
Virtalähde: 230 V AC
AC power plug: Schuko (type F)