Analytical Balance 122g x 0,1mg

Analytical Balance 122g x 0,1mg
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Tuotenumero.: GF124A Hinta pyydettäessä for 1 kappale
4 Years Warranty, Robust construction with metal housing and strong overload protection, external calibration ,Shock absorber function, Fast compact SHS Sensor, response time of about 1,5 seconds, Easily removable large breeze break, Auto Power ON/OFF function, Reverse Backlit LCD Display for easy to read weighing results, SCF - Statistical calculation function, Animal weighing function, Date & Time, Underhook weighing, Standard RS-232C and USB, LAN – Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus Software (optional), Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery pack (optional)


  • AXGXA31
    Working covers (5 pcs.)
  • GXA03
    2nd RS-232C Interface
  • GXA04
    Comparator Relay Output, Buzzer, External Key Input Interface
  • GXA06
    Analog Output Interface
  • GXA09
    Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Factory-Installed/Dealer Fit Option)
  • GXA10
    Large Glass Breeze Break
  • GXA12
    Animal Weighing Pan (For Models of 320g Capacity or Higher)
  • GXA13
    Density Determination Kit (For 1mg Models Only)
  • GXA17
    Large Glass Breeze Break with Built-in Fanless Ionizer (Static Eliminator)
    External Key Input Interface with the AX-T-314A-S Plug
    External Key Input Interface with the AX-SW137-PRINT Foot Switch
    External Key Input Interface with the AX-SW137-REZERO Foot Switch
  • GXA24
    USB Host Interface (Factory-Installed/Dealer Option)
  • GXA25
    External Fanless Ionizer (Static Eliminator)
  • GXA26
    External IR Switch