RFM330-T Digital refractometer

RFM330-T Digital refractometer
Kuva voi poiketa alkuperäisestä
Tuotenumero.: 1930 Hinta pyydettäessä for 1 kappale
Laboratory Refractometer with Peltier Temperature Control

The refractometer RFM330-T has been specially designed for use in harsh environments and is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, as well as for science and research.
With wide beam scan and one of the flattest prism surfaces on the market, the RFM330-T refractometer is capable of measuring non-homogeneous samples such as fruit juices with pulp, opaque chemical compounds and emulsions. Inherent to the modern design is the new high-definition capacitive touch screen, which not only facilitates operation in factory environments, even when operated whilst wearing gloves, but also serves as the centerpiece for the software. Combined, the touchscreen and GUI help the operator quickly maneuver through the user and configuration menus.
SMART temperature stability, RFID user activation and application-specific pre-programmed methods simplify routine analyses in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.
•  7” High definition touchscreen display
•  Flat prism surface for easy-cleaning
•  Wide beam scan for inhomogenous samples
•  Brix precision to three decimal places* (6 decimal places for RI)
•  US/EP/BP/JP complaint
•  Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11
•  USB & Ethernet Interface