Alpha 1-2 main unit

Alpha 1-2 main unit
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Tuotenumero.: 101700 Hinta pyydettäessä for 1 Pakkaus
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Freeze dryer Alpha 1-2 LSCbasic, standard voltage 230 V, 50 Hz, aircooled,CFC- and HCFC-free refrigerant, without vacuum pump, table-top design, integrated base plate for direct placing of a drying chamber or accessories with a diameter of 240 mm,
table top, ice condenser, ice condenser chamber and defrost water valve completely made of stainless steel, ice absorption capacity max. 2.5 kg, ice condenser capacity max. 2 kg/24 h,
ice condenser temperature approx. -55°C, ice condenser chamber 3.5 liters, equipped with hot gas defrosting, vertical arrangement, suitable for freeze drying in round bottom flasks, wide neck filter cap bottles and/or on unheated surfaces, equipped with System control LSCbasic (Lyo-Screen-Control): VGA-TFT color display, graphics-oriented user interface with touchscreen, clear intuitive user interface with fast access to essential process data access to essential process data, multilingual user interface, password protection,
display of maintenance intervals, vacuum control in combination with pressure control valve (article No. 125910) and vacuum measurement probe (Article No. 125478)