Tuotteet luokiteltuna: Eppendorf - Ensimmäinen kirjain: A
Artikkelinumero Selvennys
2223472012 AT-VARIPETTE 1-10 4720 000.011
3110112008 Adapter for Pipette holder 5000µl
146981001 Adapter for fastening the Research multi-channel to older pipette stands
4430601003 Aspirating cone
4861613009 Accumulator compartment lid for Xplorer
3120019006 Adjusting cover
466953639 Adapter plate for 96x0,2 ml PCR tubes to insert in blocks for MTPs
5365000109 Adapter 25 mL for SmartBlock™ 50 mL Set consisting of 4 adapters and removal tool
3120802002 Adjustment tool for fixed volume
4420801004 Adapter
4420802000 Aspirating cone
4421011023 Adjusting wheel
4423602010 Aspirator bulb for Eppendorf Pipet Helper
4423605010 Aspirating cone for Eppendorf Pipet Helper
4920801000 Adjustment seal, blue, 20 pieces
0012522036 Adjustment seal, blue, 5 pcs.
3120633006 Adjustment tool
3120636005 Adjustment seal
4981001066 Adjusting sleeve
4981801003 Adjustment sleeve
4985830008 Actuator housing, incl. top bear
4986002044 Actuate key
4960810274 Air vent cover
4966602002 Aspirating valve for 2mL, 5mL or 10mL Varispenser 2(x) made of PFA, borosilicate glass and ceramic
4966603009 Aspirating valve for 25mL, 50mL or 100mL Varispenser 2(x) made of PFA, borosilicate glass and ceramic